Who are they?

We're two women on a mission.  We believe that they  could make a difference in the lives of our underserved communities. We began our journey with foster youth who had aged out of the foster care system and found themselves homeless. We have expanded our mission to empower all those who struggle to become self supporting.

Co-Founders Sharon McGinley and Marion Campbell, Executive Director,

Eddie's House Programs

Eddie ’s House provides a host of direct and indirect services to aged -out foster care youth; youth in the community and the community at large: Continuum of Care for aged -out foster care youth that includes transitional housing, ages 18 -27

  • Mission Possible —Prevention Programming for youth ages 7 -18 and Re -entry support for 18 and older.

  • Life Empowerment/Coaching - At the core of all services and programming provided. Focused on educating, equipping and enabling individuals and families. It ’s not just about Life Skills, we aim to Empower Lives, so they are able to THRIVE not just SURVIVE!

  • The ABLE Center —a safe haven, drop in center for youth and members of our community. Computer Lab, Resource Center, Clothing and where we gather weekly.

  • Housing Stabilization, Support & Sustainability (H 3 ) - Assistance with housing search, preparedness and support living and managing on your own. Referrals for financial assistance to sustain housing.

  • Community Family Collaborative -  The purpose of the collaborative is to engage, enable and empower families and the community (the village) in planning and decision making that protects and supports their well being and future.
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